Swimming Lesson Programs in Miami

I conduct my swimming programs with honesty, integrity, and a passion both for the sport and for helping people to succeed. In my years as a coach, I have honed excellent communication skills, both with students of all ages and with the parents of young children. With me, you can rest assured that your concerns, expectations, and questions will be heard and met with the deep knowledge of the sport and the organizational skills required to achieve every students’ goals. I offer:

  • Private swimming lessons for kids
  • Private swimming lessons for adults
  • Competitive swimming lessons

I also understand that every sport is an opportunity to learn life lessons and build character. I take a one-to-one approach to coaching which allows me to really get to know and connect with each student as an important part of their overall support structure. Young or old, whether just learning to swim or embarking on a competitive career, occasional failure and disappointment is inevitable. I use these occasions as opportunities to help students learn and move forward on all levels.


Kids learn best when they are given small amounts of guidance at a time that they can then understand, master, and apply moving forward. I take a step-by-step approach with my students, ensuring that they master each skill I introduce before building upon it to learn the next.


I have extensive experience working with teenagers at all levels of swimming competency. Whether they are learning to swim for the first time or looking to take their skills to the next level, I take a democratic approach to working with teenagers, encouraging them to take an active role in setting their goals as well as in achieving them. Having been a competitive teen swimmer myself, I am well-equipped to help teens prepare for and succeed in competition.


I will work with the beginning swimmer to introduce them to the water and ensure they are comfortable. Establishing a foundation of trust and giving the student a sense of safety is paramount. I allow each student to get accustomed to the water at their own pace before introducing them to the sensation of buoyancy. As they become more comfortable, I encourage them to get their face and head into the water and show them how to breathe out under the water, and they will learn to float. As they master these basic techniques, I will introduce them to kicking and eventually to arm movements. A beginning swimmer can expect to practice the different aspects of various strokes before being taught to put it all together.


Adults learning to swim for the first time can face unique challenges. I work one-on-one with the adult student at their pace, teaching water safety and making sure they are comfortable in each step of the process. I also make sure that they master each foundational skill, increasing the likelihood of success later on when they begin learning actual strokes.
For adult students who already know how to swim, I can help increase proficiency in every aspect of the sport. At your first session, I will assess your level of skill and experience, and work with you to create a plan for achieving your swimming goals. For those swimming for fitness, I can assist you in refining your stroke and building endurance.


For beginners and experienced swimmers, children, youth, and adults, I will ensure that fundamental swimming skills are sound, and work with students where needed to establish or improve them. These fundamental skills include breathing, floating, coordination of body movement, kicking, and strokes.


For the advanced student, I bring to bear my own experiences as an award-winning competitive swimmer. I can coach advanced swimmers to build endurance in the water for extended distances using a variety of strokes and kicks. I will also help the student get better breath control and improve their coordination. I help advanced students hone more advanced strokes and, if desired, prepare for competition both mentally and physiologically.


I am a USA Swimming Coach, certified in ASCA Level II, CPR/AED/FirstAid, Lifeguarding, and Safety training. I incorporate water safety techniques into all levels of swimming instruction. Students will learn how to safely enter water that is over their head, how to tread water, how to turn around and turn over in the water, how to traverse a minimum distance, and how to get out of the water.

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