Private Swimming Lessons with a Professional Coach

For some people, swimming is a lifestyle and they always try to improve their skills in order to protect themselves from various risks associated with water. For others – it is a healthy pastime, which contributes to the maintenance of vitality.

It is not a secret that swimming is able to increase the mobility of many parts of the body and plays an important role in development of vital body systems. Horizontal position of the body during exercise have a positive influence on the number of internal organs like heart, liver, kidneys, etc. In addition, swimming features a great educational value. It helps to master and develop strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and agility. Water cleanses the human skin, improves skin respiration and strengthens it. It causes an increase in the activity of various internal organs: faster breathing increases heart rate, changes the tone of peripheral blood vessels, increases metabolism. This is explained by the fact that water has an increased thermal conductivity and heat capacity, as well as a considerable density, as a result of which the heat transfer and the pressure of water on the surface of the human body increase dramatically.

In fact, it is relevant to speak about key features of swimming and its positive influence on human life and body in general. People, who swim by themselves or take swimming lessons at home tend to have a better health condition. Moreover, they already feel the differences and may state for sure that their quality of life has changed for better since the day they started swimming. But what to do if you or your children can’t swim? What are the precautions to take care of their safety. In this situation private swimming lessons at home are exactly what you need.

In order to swim well, kids and teens need to master correct swimming technique. And for this, help of very experienced and highly qualified coach is needed. If you take private lessons regularly, you will quicker learn how to swim. In the process of properly organized lessons on improving swimming techniques people also train discipline, organization skills, initiative, hard work and even honesty.

Swimming with a Coach or in a Group?

Individual approach is by definition better quality. In any sport, as in any science, training with a mentor is much better. A personal coach pays much more attention to student and seriously works on solving individual problems. Secondly, such an activity is always more interesting for both the student and the coach. And thirdly, during lessons, a personal coach seeks for an individual approach to a student to provide better quality lessons. Finally, someone is just not feeling comfortable to visit group lessons and asks about individual classes. So, a personal trainer is almost like a personal doctor as he or she also prompts in questions and gives useful advices. To sum it up, you need a private swimming lessons Miami because they are devoid of a number of drawbacks inherent in the presentation of theory and practice in groups. Among the advantages of this form of education are the following:

  • A unique personal training program that takes into account the level of physical training of the student and the level of expected results;
  • A significant reduction in time for a swimming course;
  • Total control by a trainer of all stages of obtaining skills, adjustment of exercise, review of results, etc.;
  • Ability to take swim lessons at home.

Experience shows that almost every professional swimmer can become a swimming coach but not every coach is given the opportunity to conduct individual training. Knowledge of psychology, methodical skills, complete control of the situation, stress resistance, ability to remain an authority even in the most difficult situation is a characteristic of a good coach, to whom you can enroll for individual swimming lessons.

Graduated masters with the appropriate category will teach you not only contact with water but also the necessary basis of skills. So, you will be able to swim and maybe will decide to prepare for the competition.

Benefits of Swimming with a Coach

The initial training process consists of verbal, visual and practical techniques. The base of initial and special exercises, individually chosen by your instructor, will allow you to lie down on the water already in the first classes. Then you will learn to move, dive under the water and breathe properly.

At the next stage, in a tandem with a coach you will learn various swimming techniques, as well as starts and turns. The results will be the following:

  • Muscular system of the back is stronger;
  • Posture is adjusted;
  • Tissues are well supplied with oxygen;
  • Working pulmonary volume is increased;
  • Relief muscles are formed;
  • Blood pressure, blood and lymph flow is stabilized;
  • Normal weight.

Individual Lessons for Kids

Today you can come across many swimming schools in Miami. They mostly organize group lessons, which are short-term and less effective. But if you want to speed up the process of education, you need to hire a personal trainer, who will teach your child swimming at your location.

For children of 3 – 12 years old, swimming in the pool begins with overcoming the fear of water. This is especially true if the child is still at early age or does not possess the skills of keeping afloat. A personal swimming coach should be a good psychologist. If a child has difficulties, the coach will resort to interactive gaming techniques. With the help of the game, the child is distracted from the monotony of the exercises and makes a greater number of approaches. The coach selects games so that they match the skills of a child. After the games in the pool, the children are always in high spirits, they want to share their impressions and communicate.

When fear is overcome, children learn proper breathing. First, it is done as part of dry land and after in the pool. One of the easiest techniques to train breathing is to collect toys from the shallow end of the pool.

After mastering the breathing technique, the next step will be learning basic skills: proper detachment from the bottom, floating in a “starfish” position, exercises to coordinate movements and maintain balance. The main challenge is to teach a child to swim with a kickboard, after which he or she can proceed to mastering swimming strokes.

Specifics of Swimming Lessons for Teens

Methodologies of teaching teens are not the same as for little kids. They won’t play games and consider themselves to be grownups. That’s why, they require special swimming classes based on a unique program. A coach develops an individual program for every student because teens at the age of 13 – 19 are different and some of them have already obtained some swimming techniques that are wrong and require correction. This is the age when it is a high time to fix a bad posture and learn how to breathe properly. Swimming is the best way to obtain useful skills, to improve overall health and posture.

It is never too late and it is always a right time to teach your kid swimming! If you have a swimming pool at home, lessons with a personal coach may take place at your location or any pool of your convenience. Be sure that it is good for health and you will be impressed with the results!

Slava Fattakhov

Slava Fattakhov

Former Professional Swimmer / Professional Swimming Coach

I enjoy every opportunity I get to coach, whether it is a national level university swimming team or a kid who just started exploring one of the greatest sports - swimming.

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