Kids & Teens Swimming Lessons

As a private swimming coach, I have nine years of experience teaching kids and teens how to swim. I believe in creating a solid foundation by mastering the basics first, and I work with each student on body mechanics and breathing as well as on stroke technique. When students learn how to position their hands, body, head, and legs correctly, they become stronger and more confident swimmers and avoid injury. A strong stroke begins with a strong kick. Although not always obvious to observers, proper kicking technique is key to propulsion, balance, and buoyancy.
Kids and teens swimming

Swimming Lessons for Kids and Teens Should Be Fun

Learning to swim takes time, patience, and commitment, but it should also be something that the student enjoys.

We are skilled at creating an enjoyable and inviting environment for younger children that will keep them interested and motivated to improve. Older children and teens training as competitive swimmers who may occasionally get frustrated or experience moments of self-doubt will find that we have a knack for keeping them motivated and wanting to continue moving forward in their development.


Swimming Lessons for Kids Tips

When learning to swim, it’s important that kids and teens feel comfortable.

If your child is not used to being in the water, they could feel frightened by the sensation of not having their feet firmly planted on the ground. We introduce young students to the new environment gently. While it is necessary that your child expand their comfort zone in order to learn to swim, we tailor my lesson plans to accommodate not
just the skill level but also the mental/emotional situation of individual students. Not all children thrive in the kind of noise and activity that can occur in the neighborhood pool environment. They may feel increased anxiety around learning to master a new skill in front of other people. In group classes or neighborhood pools, some swimmers may also tend to compare their abilities to that of others, which can discourage them and slow their progress. While competitive swimming can be a team sport, when learning to swim with me, a student is only competing with
themselves. If you have a pool at your home, we are happy to offer private swimming lessons for kids and teens in your home pool. Many families find that their children learn to master the basics of swimming much more quickly and easily when instructed in the comfort of their own familiar backyard pool.

Coaching for Competition

In the early years of my athletic career, my team and I were award-winning competitive swimmers in both international and national competitions. We have also coached NCAA Division II national-level swimmers on their technique, conditioning, and training. If your teen is interested in competitive swimming, as private swimming coaches, we are able to help them to hone their skills and improve their performance.

In addition to always looking for new and improved ways to effectively drill athletes, we also have the experience and understanding required to work with your teen on the psychological aspects of competitive swimming. We excel in recognizing and developing the potential of young athletes.

Your Kids and Teens Are In Safe Hands

When teaching kids and teens to swim, safety is paramount. I emphasize safety in and around the water at all times. As a USA Swimming Coach, I am certified in ASCA Level II, CPR/AED/FirstAid, Lifeguarding, and Safety training. Schedule the first session for your kids today!

How much are swim lessons for toddlers?

Starting prices are gauged by how many lessons your student will want and how far away you live. Prices will be higher if the coach has to travel a long distance to get to your home pool. They begin at $100 for one lesson, followed by $270 for 3 lessons, and $500 for 5 lessons.

How long should a child take swim classes?

Continued exercise is great for growing children. Your child should take lessons for as long as it takes for them to be confident in their swimming abilities. There is always more to be learned alongside a coach, and even once the student can efficiently swim, there could be more work to do on specific stroke styles. It’s all up to you, your child, and what level of swimming you want to bring them to.

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