Online Technique Analysis

An exciting new service that we are offering is the Online Technique Analysis. This beneficial program is available to any swimmer that wants to consult virtually with our expert swim coaches. This process helps improve your technique and skills. Also, this tool is a fascinating new advancement in swimming training.

The swimmer submits a video of themselves in a competition. Our swim coaches will view your video, then provide you with an assessment video. In it, one of our coaches will discuss what they see in your technique and explain how to improve it.

Record videos

Film minimum 4 videos (30 seconds each). All swims must be race pace.

Upload videos

Send us the videos to [email protected]. As video files are usually pretty heavy, we suggest to submit videos through

Get Feedback

Within a few days you will receive a professional feedback with a set of exercises on how to improve your technique.

What Is Online Technique Analysis?

Most swim racers are constantly looking for ways to increase their speed and decrease their times.

They may have had swim coaching and are now just practicing more and more to try to increase their speed. Practice only makes perfect if it is perfect practice. It is difficult to evaluate every second of your own stroke and performance.

Videoing the competition or race will allow our experts to review your stroke and isolate each step for assessment. Our coaches have experience in recognizing even the slightest error that can be costing you precious time.

What Can Be Analyzed?

Any slight misstep can throw off your stroke and your timing. It may be difficult for you to detect the problem yourself. It may even be hard for a swim coach watching you live to see, especially if it is a movement in a race. Our coaches will review the video, rewind it, replay it, and watch it in slow motion.


Head positioning, breathing patterns, poor breathing habits.


Best diving positions, hand positioning, streamlining.


Improving hand positioning.


Arm positioning and rotation.


Importance of follow-through.


Turning at each stage of the stroke: body, shoulders, hips, head.


Improving kick pattern and timing.


The best use of this analysis is to identify the problems in the stroke or technique of an existing competitive athlete. We can improve the speed of a racer, the grace of a dive, or the streamline of a racing swimmer.

Our swim coaches have years of experience with swimming and coaching. We can evaluate each part of your technique to help you move smoothly and gracefully in the water. It is not the best method for training a new swimmer, but we have an online course for virtual swimming lessons.

What Do I Need to Do?

Use a camera stand, or have a friend video you in a competition or simulate a race. A school race or competitive swim race organization video can be submitted.

In order to accurately access your technique problems, the video needs to be of a performance. Our coaches need to see you at your competition level. If you have already consulted a swim coach and have training techniques to address the problem, videotape those also. Once we have reviewed your video, we will film our own video reviewing your tape. The swim coach will explain what problems they saw and compliment you on the things you did well. We will then make suggestions for a remedy. If you would like the coach to take you on as a virtual student, let us know. That would allow us to continue working with you and follow your progress. If not, we would encourage you to submit another video for evaluation of your progress.

What Could My Problem Be?

We have found that most swimmers have one or more of the following five issues.

1. Misconception of Abilities

Most athletes think they know exactly what their body can and is doing.
That is seldom true. Usually, the swimmer thinks one thing, but their body is doing another. A video allows us to see if your strokes are smooth, straight, and consistent.

2. Lack of Belief in Abilities

There is another group of swimmers that have little confidence in their swimming abilities. With good technique and hard work, almost any swimmer can become an accomplished swimmer.

3. Physical Problems

Muscle weakness, flexibility issues, and poor range of motion can be difficult to detect when coaching live. A previous injury may affect your stroke. Fear of a recurrence may cause you to swim differently. We have developed exercises to address these problems.

4. Confusion about Instruction

You may have had coaches training before, but it is sometimes hard to remember all of the information and instructions provided. You will have our response video to watch repeatedly. The video will help you understand what issues are concerning the coach and when it occurs. Then you will have our suggestions to improve your technique.

5. Bad Habits

No matter how much you want to improve, habits have a way of creeping back in. You may understand the instructions and develop excellent form, but your form may change when you become fatigued or are not concentrating on your new instructions. You can go back to the training video for reminders on proper technique.

Swimming is a mental sport. Winning or losing depends on you.

There’s an old saying, “See what you want to be, to be what you want to see.” You must recognize yourself as a championship swimmer to be one. Don’t worry about counting laps. Concentrate on each stroke, each kick, and each turn. Fewer laps with a concentration on each step are always better than many laps with poor form.

We can help you shave time off of your personal best by improving some little things.

Your dive, streamline, underwater kick, or breakout could each be costing you precious seconds. This ingenious way of evaluating swimmers gives our swim coaches an edge in identifying problems in swimming form.

We stress excellent techniques to achieve excellent results. Our evaluation video will provide you with the knowledge you need to improve your deficits. The ability to review it, again and again, will ensure that you keep that good form.

Coach Slava Contact has the information you need to get in touch with us today.


Slava is very knowledgable

Слава-отличный ,грамотный тренер.Знает свою работу, внимательный к ошибкам.Подробно объясняет нюансы, очень позитивный и всегда спокойный.Приятный в общении.Очень положительные впечатления от работы с этим тренером.Будем продолжать тренировки!!!

Gabriella Buzurniuc
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Slava knows what he does

Слава отличный тренер, тренирует двух мальчиков 10 и 5 лет , младший научился хорошо плавать , так что все окружающие делают нам комплименты, умеет найти подход к детям с любым характером , в меру строгий и требовательный тренер , в качестве бонуса , могу сказать , честно , научил обоих прыгать на скакалке и развить координацию . Если нужен приятный и дельный тренер , то это Слава !

Alexandra Chudakova
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Very professional coach!

Very professional coach! Great with kids, my three and five y.o. loved him very much and learned very fast from him. Definitely will come back to him next time in Miami

Maria Sh
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The personal attention, patience and expertise of Coach Slava

The personal attention, patience and expertise of Coach Slava has made swimming a wonderful experience.

Thank you!

Carlos Morales
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He is the best coach

He is the best coach, he has knowledge, highly recommended

Juan Camilo Rojas Gonzalez
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I've tried for years to learn how to swim

I’ve tried for years to learn how to swim, didn’t succeed. It’s different with coach Slava, right off the bat I felt comfortable and more confident. He is a great coach, very professional.

Anya Israili
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