Adult Swimming

I offer private adult swimming lessons for students of all skill levels. I work with adults learning to swim for the first time as well as with those who want to improve their fitness or compete.
Adult Swimming

Private Adult Swimming Lessons for Beginners

Adults learning to swim for the first time can find it a real challenge. Adults who are uncomfortable around the water may have negative associations or anxiety that must be overcome. This can make the process as much of a psychological process as it is a physical one. As a professional swimming coach, I have worked with first-time adult swimming students of all ages. I tailor a lesson plan to each student that builds on their individual strengths and focuses on the best way to help them overcome their weaknesses. Having a private swimming coach means that the adult swimming student does not have to worry about keeping up with other students. In one-on-one lessons with me, an adult learning a new skill can feel comfortable, secure, and move at their own pace.
Adult Swimming

Private Adult Swimming Lessons for Those Seeking to Improve their Skills

Many adults did learn the basics of swimming as a child and are comfortable in and around the water, but they never really developed optimal technique. Some may even have developed poor technique, which can cause discomfort or injury and discourage them from swimming. This is unfortunate, as it is an excellent form of exercise. Unlike many other popular forms of exercise like jogging or running, it is safe and healthy for adults of all ages. It is an extremely low-impact exercise. Because the water keeps you buoyant, there is no pressure on your joints while swimming. It is also a great stress relief, and has many positive physiological effects on the body.

Whether you are looking to improve your body positioning, strokes, or breathing, I can help. During your first session, I will assess your skills and talk with you about your swimming goals. I will then create an individualized training plan for you around realistic goals that will take you from your current skill level to where you want to be.

Adult Swimming

Practicing on Your Own

Working with me during private swimming lessons is just the first step to becoming a confident and proficient swimmer. As with all skills, mastery will only come if you practice on your own. Practice will reinforce what you have learned in your lessons. Your lesson time with me can then focus on moving forward with new skills and fine-tuning your understanding and execution of the body mechanics involved in swimming. Making a commitment to practice on your own will help you learn to swim faster.

Can I Get Adult Swimming Lessons Near Me?

We offer private swimming lessons at neighborhood pools conveniently located near you in Miami, Miami Beach, Aventura, Golden Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, Bal Harbour, and Surfside areas, as well as in other areas of Broward and Miami Dade counties. If you feel uncomfortable with or intimidated by the idea of group swimming lessons or neighboehood pools, we are happy to come to your home pool for your lessons. Taking your swimming lessons in your home pool can make many adults feel more comfortable, which means better and faster learning. It makes learning to swim easier for those juggling many commitments and busy schedules. Private lessons at home can also remove the possibility of becoming discouraged by comparing oneself to others. While competitive swimming can be a team sport, an adult learning to swim for the first time or working to improve their skills is only competing with themselves. Schedule your first session today!

How much are swim lessons for adults?

Private lessons will be discussed on a client-to-client basis. This is because the prices will be higher if the swim coach has to travel a long distance to get to your home pool. The classes are sold in chunks, and are gauged by how many lessons the student will want. They begin at $100 for one lesson, followed by $270 for 3 lessons, and $500 for 5 lessons.

How many swim lessons do adults need?

Swimming is one of the best and easiest ways to stay in shape, for everyone! Roughly 40-50 classes will create a very proficient adult swimmer from a total beginner. You can absolutely master the basics with 30-35 classes, however an adult is typically interested in working on the different styles of swimming, and this can take more time to master. Again, this will all come down to different factors, like previous experience, comfortability in the water, and the overall body health of the adult.

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