Baby Swimming Lessons

Toddlers will have various levels of readiness for swimming, which will depend in part on how comfortable they are in the water. Swimming lessons for baby should not be forced, especially with children who are afraid of getting in the water. Like everything else your baby has learned and accomplished, they will be ready to learn to swim on their own timeline.
Baby Swimming

When to Start Baby Swimming Lessons

Prior to committing to swimming lessons for your baby, it’s a good idea to consult your pediatrician to discuss whether they are developmentally ready to begin taking lessons.

Swimming lessons are the most valuable once young children reach an age where they are able to take direction. We work with children as young as two years old.

Baby Swimming

Private Baby Swimming Lessons Step By Step

We will work with your 2+-year-old swimmer to introduce them to the water and ensure they are comfortable.

Our first priority with our youngest swimmers is to establish the foundation of authority and trust that must go hand-in-hand with safety. We allow each student to get accustomed to the water at their own pace before introducing them to the sensation of buoyancy. When they are ready, we will encourage them to put their face and head into the water.

We will show them how to blow bubbles (breath out) under the water and how to float. We will teach them to kick hanging onto the side of the pool and using a kickboard. We will then introduce arm movements. The most important aspect of teaching a very young child how to swim is to ensure that they stay safe and feel comfortable in the water. As they get older, they will be able to build on these foundational skills when they are ready to begin learning specific strokes.

Keeping Your Child Safe

We are certified coaches. We use touch supervision when working with very young children, so your child’s head will not go below the surface of the water. As with all of our students at every level, we emphasize safety, confidence in the water, and progress at the student’s own pace.


Ksenia is amazing

Тренер моего сына Ксения. Основатель школы Miami Swimming Academy. Занимается с сыном 9 месяцев от рождения. Уникальный и отзывчивый тренер, отличный мотиватор, всегда подстраивается под настроение и желания ребёнка при этом не нарушая нужную нагрузку на занятии. Тренировки разнообразны, интересны и эффективны. Занятия очень результативны, контакт с ребёнком налажен сразу, занятий всегда очень ждём. Знакомые все в шоке, что в 2-3 года ребёнок уже умеет плавать не боясь воды, плавает вдоль и поперёк бассейна, ныряет за предметами, прыгает без страха в воду и доплывает до бортиков. Очень благодарна Ксении, за ребёнка очень радуюсь и спокойна.

Maria Zudina

Slava is very knowledgable

Слава-отличный ,грамотный тренер.Знает свою работу, внимательный к ошибкам.Подробно объясняет нюансы, очень позитивный и всегда спокойный.Приятный в общении.Очень положительные впечатления от работы с этим тренером.Будем продолжать тренировки!!!

Gabriella Buzurniuc
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Slava knows what he does

Слава отличный тренер, тренирует двух мальчиков 10 и 5 лет , младший научился хорошо плавать , так что все окружающие делают нам комплименты, умеет найти подход к детям с любым характером , в меру строгий и требовательный тренер , в качестве бонуса , могу сказать , честно , научил обоих прыгать на скакалке и развить координацию . Если нужен приятный и дельный тренер , то это Слава !

Alexandra Chudakova
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She is very professional and friendly with kids

She is very professional and friendly with kids. My kids with her for over 3 years and we love her.

Yu Jiang
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She is strict on teaching, and also very playful

I usually don’t write reviews ???? but I need to write a review for this company!
My son just turned 9 years old has started swiming lesson with her since 2016, and it has been an excellent experience. She is strict on teaching, and also very playful, so kids respects her and love at the same time. She is not only teaching swiming skills but also giving advices on how to get the kids to be more interested in doing the swiming and giving appropriate guidance if kids want to be a professional swimmer. My son is an typical example because he is going to a swim team in a few weeks!!!
I wish I found her earlier, so my son could start with her earlier!

Slava helped me through childhood

Slava helped me through childhood near drowning experience that prevented me from learning to swim. His patience was much appreciated. He was able to illustrate with examples that I’d understand. By the end of my three lessons (while on vacation), I was able to move through the water unassisted. I still have many more lessons to go, but I certainly didn’t expect to make such quick progress. I’m so grateful.

Natasha Vo
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What age to start swimming lessons with a baby?

Baby kicking begins in the womb, so they’re ready at 1 week old. The pool will likely remind them of their earliest developmental stages! If you hold your baby the whole time, you can bring them into the pool as early as a week old, however, studies have shown that it’s good for babies to actually learn swimming techniques between ages 1 and 4. The specifics will depend more on how comfortable they are in the water, so bring them to a local pool and see how they react before you begin lessons.

How to dress a baby for swim lessons?

Before 18 months, it’s best to get a specially designed reusable swim nappy as it is much better suited for preventing feces from entering the pool. In most swim schools, they are mandatory as opposed to their disposable counterparts. Baby swimwear for 0-3 months must be kept warm, so pay extra attention to dress them in swimwear that covers them, and ensure that the pool is not too cold. If it’s very sunny out, get them a long sleeved swimsuit.

How many swim lessons does a child need?

For students between 3 and 5 years old, it takes roughly 20 to 30 lessons for them to swim with enough proficiency to get across 15 feet of the pool. For ages 6 to 9, it could be anywhere between 8 and 20 lessons. It all depends on your child, and how much they enjoy swimming. A few times a week is recommended for best results.

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