Ksenia Vank

Ksenia is a former professional athlete and swimming coach.

Baby Swimming

Baby Swimming

Toddlers will have various levels of readiness for swimming, which will depend in part on how comfortable they are in the water. Swimming lessons for baby should not be forced, especially with children who are afraid of getting in the water. Like everything else your baby has learned and accomplished, they will be ready to learn to swim on their own timeline.
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Kids & Teens Swimming

Kids & Teens Swimming

We are skilled at creating an enjoyable and inviting environment for younger children that will keep them interested and motivated to improve. Older children and teens training as competitive swimmers who may occasionally get frustrated or experience moments of self-doubt will find that we have a knack for keeping them motivated and wanting to continue moving forward in their development.
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Adult Swimming

Adult Swimming

Adults learning to swim for the first time can find it a real challenge. Adults who are uncomfortable around the water may have negative associations or anxiety that must be overcome. This can make the process as much of a psychological process as it is a physical one. We have worked with first-time adult swimming students of all ages.
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- Began Swimming at Age
- YMCA Swim Instructor
- Special Olympics Volunteer
- Owner, Director of Miami Swimming Academy


- Bachelor’s Degree from Academy of Tourism and Sport with Specialization in Swimming
- Master’s Degree – Physical Education with specialization in Swimming


- Master of sports underwater swimming
- Member of Kazakhstan National Underwater Swim team
- Participated in International Underwater Sport Tournaments (Russia 1998, Europe 1999, China 2000)
- Silver Medalist, Kazakhstan Underwater Swimming Championship (1999)


- WSI (Water Safety Instructor) Certification
- Lifeguard Certified

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