Module 1: Breathing and Gliding

Goal: Being able to float and breathe properly
Module 1
Swimming Course Module

Breathing and Gliding. Front Crawl is a swimming stroke that is the fastest of the four strokes.

  1. Learn how to breath
    • Main rule of breathing
    • Inhale, hold a breath and exhale
    • Inhale, exhale
  2. Starfish
  3. Floating
  4. Learn how to float
    • Arms + legs
    • Just arms
    • One arm
    • No arms

Goal: being able to float and breathe properly

Slava Fattakhov

Slava Fattakhov

Former Professional Swimmer / Professional Swimming Coach

I enjoy every opportunity I get to coach, whether it is a national level university swimming team or a kid who just started exploring one of the greatest sports - swimming.

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