Swim Freestyle Stroke


Learning and perfecting your freestyle stroke can help you swim more effectively and efficiently. Learning to swim the freestyle stroke is not always easy, but doing so is a sign of significant mental and physical strength. However, getting in the pool is the first step, and the rest gets more accessible. Learn how to do the freestyle stroke by reading what it entails below.

Efficient Arm Strokes

Arm strokes make up much of the power behind your freestyle stroke. Focusing solely on the speed of your arm stroke does not correlate to quicker results instead, it focuses on the form and accuracy of your arm strokes. Aggressive short strokes are inefficient. Longer strokes guarantee you are pushed further with each movement.

Make sure your hands and fingers are relaxed. For maximum efficiency, it is recommended that you reach your arm out about 12 to 18 inches ahead of you. Still, it is essential to ensure that you are not over-stretching your arm to any length that feels uncomfortable. This could derail the accuracy of your swim. Catching the water at an angle where your hands are down and your fingers are spread out comfortably is also essential. Make sure to catch the water first with your hands before pushing back. This will help you to glide your freestyle stroke across the water efficiently.

Leg and Kicking Movements

While efficient arm strokes make up 85% of freestyle strokes, perfecting leg and kicking movements is essential. Flutter kicking ensures the rest of your stroke is stabilized.

Work efficiently by driving the power from your hips and bending your knees. Like arm strokes, stretch your legs out of your legs without losing balance. Practice flutter kicking by keeping your feet close to the water’s surface and maintaining a steady rhythm.

Things to Avoid


Beginner and advanced swimmers alike are overgliding and performing clumsy strokes because of this. It is essential to avoid overstretching to achieve maximum length in each stroke. Some swimmers overreach and must pause within strokes. This is not efficient. Improve your technique by making your technique accurate.

Also, make sure you are not bending your knees too much or trying to kick from your knees. This will cause your freestyle stroke to drag. Instead, the power behind your kick should be generated from your hips and thighs.

Learning to Swim Freestyle in the Miami Area

All of this may seem too complicated, and you may not know where to begin. Enlisting the training from a professional swim coach can help you answer all of your questions. Coach Slava can help you take that first step into the water if you are a new swimmer in the Miami area. Coach Slava also works with advanced swimmers to improve their speed and efficiency. Choosing the right swimming coach should be a pressure-free process. Reach out to Coach Slava on their website to ensure a team of swimming professionals meets you.

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