Why You Should Consider Private Swim Lessons Over Swim Class


Private Swim Lessons

It’s not ever too late to start learning how to swim. If you’ve wondered, “Where are private swim lessons near me?” look no further than Coach Slava! Located in sunny Miami, FL, our academy is designed to meet the needs of each swimmer that steps through our doors. We want to ensure that everyone we encounter meets their goals in a safe, fun, and comfortable environment. Whether it be your home or our facility, we will create the best scenario to help you achieve your goals. 

Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons Near Me

There are a few reasons we believe that private swim lessons are better than a group setting. Granted, it does depend on the individual swimmer and their learning style. However, we continuously see the benefits that our one-on-one training style offers to each of our clients.

The first benefit is the ability to customize the lesson. Typically, group settings mean everyone is getting the same teaching at the same pace. Customizable lessons are designed according to the experience level of the swimmer. There are zero worries about whether you or your child will be ahead or behind the rest of their class. 

The second advantage is convenience. If you opt for a group setting, there’s a large chance that lessons will be limited to specific dates and times. With private lessons, this is not a concern. Each lesson can be scheduled at a time that works best for each client’s schedule. 

The final advantage is personal attention. The instructor can devote the personal attention required to you or your child. Some people may get distracted by others in group settings. Some people may not get the attention they need. For example, if they have special needs or require specific modifications. In private lessons, you can be the sole focus of your instructor for the duration of each lesson. 

Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidate for private swim lessons would be anyone with a willingness to learn. You are welcome to use our facility, your home, or your apartment pool. We also understand that everyone has different experience levels. We make it our goal to tailor each lesson to this understanding. 

Private lessons may work best for the following experience levels:

  • Anyone that needs to improve their water safety skills. If you or your child have little to zero exposure to water, that is OK! Our instructors at Coach Slava will ensure students learn proper water safety. 
  • A person with special needs. Being one-on-one with their instructor can better facilitate their learning process. Learning in this specific setting creates more fun and quality time. Proper technique and safety are better absorbed by the student. 
  • Infants or young children. Every parent wants to make sure their child feels comfortable in a new environment. Especially parents with small children and/or infants. 
  • Anyone with a fear of the water. Experienced instructors will be able to better assist those with a fear of water. The instructor’s attention will not be divided. The instructor can also create fun ways to help ease this fear!
  • People who may require more attention than they would receive in a group setting. There are zero distractions with private lessons! 

Join Our Team!

If you are interested in swim lessons but have been on the fence, look no further than Coach Slava! We offer competitive rates, and you choose the environment in which your lessons take place. We would love to chat and answer any questions you may have. Call us today at 203-690-7756 or email [email protected]

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