Swimming Lessons for Baby

Toddlers will have various levels of readiness for swimming, which will depend in part on how comfortable they are in the water. Swimming lessons for baby should not be forced, especially with children who are afraid of getting in the water. Like everything else your baby has learned and accomplished, they will be ready to learn to swim on their own timeline.

When to Start Baby Swimming Lessons

Prior to committing to swimming lessons for your baby, it’s a good idea to consult your pediatrician to discuss whether they are developmentally ready to begin taking lessons. Swimming lessons are the most valuable once young children reach an age where they are able to take direction. I work with children as young as three years old.

Private Baby Swimming Lessons Step By Step

I will work with your 3+ year-old swimmer to introduce them to the water and ensure they are comfortable. My first priority with my youngest swimmers is to establish the foundation of authority and trust that must go hand-in-hand with safety. I allow each student to get accustomed to the water at their own pace before introducing them to the sensation of buoyancy. When they are ready, I will encourage them to put their face and head into the water. I will show them how to blow bubbles (breathe out) under the water and how to float. I will teach them to kick hanging onto the side of the pool and using a kickboard. I will then introduce arm movements. The most important aspect of teaching a very young child how to swim is to ensure that they stay safe and feel comfortable in the water. As they get older, they will be able to build on these foundational skills when they are ready to begin learning specific strokes.

Keeping Your Child Safe

I am a USA Swimming Coach, certified in ASCA Level II, CPR/AED/FirstAid, Lifeguarding, and Safety training. I uses touch supervision when working with very young children, so your child’s head will not go below the surface of the water. As with all of my students at every level, I emphasize safety, confidence in the water, and progress at the student’s own pace.
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