Swimming Lessons in Miami: A Beginner’s Guide to Staying Afloat!

Summer’s almost here, and the sunny shores of Miami will soon be packed with people ready to take a dip in the crisp, clear, blue water! With the right training, technique, and support, you can be treading and floating peacefully with ease. Here at Coach Slava’s swimming school, we offer the highest quality swimming lessons in Miami with our team of trained experts and professional swimmers. With programs and private lessons that cater to your specific swimming needs, we have no doubt you’ll be enjoying a summer of floating, treading, back-stroking, and freestyling in no time! Keep reading for a few of our recommended tips to get you started as a beginner learning to float and tread safely in the water.
Swimming Course Module

Swimming Classes in Miami: Programs for all Swimmers

First things first. Before learning how to swim, you must learn how to tread water! Sounds simple, but they require both practice and trust. Treading water is a way to keep your body safe and relaxed during your first few dips in the ocean or pool. Maintaining an upright body position, inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose. Moving your arms in a horizontal direction as you slowly push the water out of your way.

Our Adult Swimming classes offer individualized lesson plans for those who are just starting their journey in the water. Our professional coaches have worked with adults of all ages and backgrounds, and we cater to your unique needs as a swimmer! These 1:1 sessions create a sense of ease for new swimmers because there’s no one else in the class to compete with you. Treading water is a breeze when you have someone there to support you.

Support Your Breath with Miami Swimming Lessons

Did you know that breathing is the #1 tool you have to improve your technique as a swimmer? Oftentimes, those who are uncomfortable in the water have a tendency to shorten their breath while they float. This is not the answer! If you slow down your breathing, inhale through the mouth, and exhale through the nose (rinse and repeat), you will feel more relaxed and at ease in the pool or ocean. You will also improve your buoyancy and keep your body afloat for longer periods of time when you practice breathing properly. Practice inhaling through the mouth, holding the breath, then exhaling slowly through the nose – you’ll exert less energy, too!

Our swimming classes in the greater Miami area are here to serve YOU as a swimmer – you can even start from the comfort of your own home! Our online adult lessons are crafted specifically for those who are too busy to join a team or take in-person classes. Coach Slava carefully crafted a thorough online swimming course for adults looking to expand their athletic repertoire. The online course is perfect for those interested in completing a triathlon. Maybe you’ve mastered running and cycling and have not yet plunged into the water! The online swimming class is a perfect place to begin. It’s a comprehensive way to learn the fundamentals of freestyle swimming and to get you acquainted with the basics! This is a FREE service because we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the freedom the water offers.

Where Do I Begin?

Floating and treading in the water is easiest when we have someone there to support us. With Coach Slava and his team of elite professional swim coaches, we are here to cater to you – wherever you may be in your swimming journey. From beginners to children, teens, or trained competitive swimmers, we believe everyone deserves to feel confident in the water. We coach both in Broward County and Miami-Dade and can meet you at the facility of your choice. We’ll even come to you at a local community pool, or right at home in your own pool!

The water’s got your back, and so do we. Feel free to learn more about our swimming classes in Miami through our website, or contact us directly to see how we can best serve you.

Slava Fattakhov

Slava Fattakhov

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I enjoy every opportunity I get to coach, whether it is a national level university swimming team or a kid who just started exploring one of the greatest sports - swimming.

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